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Matralix has a unique proprietary platform that uses minimal materials to enable fast formulation design and screening, and is readily scalable from R&D to pilot to commercial scale, thus enabling these industry sectors to accelerate the delivery of novel products to market.

Candle wax bead-0.73 1.6x-9

Moving From Batch To Continuous Production

Decreasing Development Risk, Costs And Time To Market

When it comes to early stage exploration and discovery of formulations, there is a need to look beyond traditional methods such as melt spray congeal (MSC). Although MSC is an industry standard, it poses several challenges during formulation development in terms of the minimal volumes that can be handled, the tunability of the process and the quality of the products obtained. 


To address these challenges, Matralix has developed a continuous flow-based, low footprint encapsulation system that requires minimal sample volumes and is highly tunable, allowing rapid screening and prototyping of  formulations, while also being scalable.

Picture 1
Loreal L2--3
Lonza Trial 3-0.8x-5

Unprecedented Control And Precision

From Microparticles To Microcapsules

Matralix Technology offers unprecedented particle size control compared to traditional methods. This eliminates the need for downstream processing such as sieving. With the ability to change process parameters during a run, a range of products of different sizes can also be achieved.


Matralix Technology is versatile and  can handle a range of active ingredients (micronised solids, lipophilic and aqueous actives) and particle architectures within a single system.

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